Message from the President

Message from the President


Our Management Philosophy: The Science of Air and Water

Our management philosophy — The Science of Air and Water — was born from the idea of adding value to Japan’s limited resources by utilizing them in new products, despite their scarcity relative to our abundant air and beautiful waters. We thus undertake industry-leading research, development, and commercialization. This management philosophy underpins all the technological expertise we have developed and refined since our founding. Today, global society is facing sweeping change as viewed in the changes affecting the natural environment as well as the ongoing globalization of business and civil society. What are the needs of our modern society? What new products should we focus on developing? By looking at things from a global and planetary perspective, all our individual employees should focus on greatly broadening their horizons and applying the new ideas thus gained to our businesses. In this way, we can foster organic innovation and originality within the company itself. For those of us who are rightfully proud of our respective technological groups, we believe it is our corporate mission as well as our eternal challenge to pass on to future generations the irreplaceable air, water, and other natural blessings of the earth using our unique approach.

Shinya Yoshida

President & CEO